Artificial Intelligence for Adaptive and Autonomous Resource Management
Bio-insprired ontology driven multi-agent technology for adaptive decision making, covering the full cycle of autonomous resource allocation, scheduling, optimization, monitoring and control in real time.
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High Value-Add for Business


Increase profitability

Fast demand response enables business to have a quick reaction on new demand opportunities. The solution immediately analyses options on how to fulfill new demand in optimal way. This helps our corporate clients to maximize their revenue and thus support growth. That procedure combined with cost optimized resource usage leads to an increased profitability.


Maximize client satisfaction

Real-time scheduling eliminates (or at least reduces) occurrences of delayed, modified and cancelled deliveries and thus substantially improves order fulfillment. Solutions enables businesses to meet service level agreement requirements and to accommodate late changes to orders, therefore increasing client satisfaction.


Make better decisions faster

Event-driven adaptability means capability to react on new events and immediately update plans affected. More optimal operations in real-time are achieved. Solution also enables managers to intervene and change decisions made by the solution. Several users can collaborate on the same solution using user-friendly interfaces to have more coordinated plans.

Achieve high efficiency of resources

Businesses require less resources to achieve higher level of output which leads to substantial efficiency improvement, up to +40%. Solution generates and compares more options of order delivery and consistently finds some alternative and cost-effective plans for every specific situation. The solution autonomously analyses performance and searches for procedures to improve it in pro-active way. 

Solve complexity

Instead of using a number of predefined methods of scheduling for business (for example, linear programming), we design customer-specific virtual worlds of agents for each business, not only individually, but also with the required granularity (a degree of details) – and this makes it possible to solve even the extremely complex problems of real-time resource management. 

Situational awareness and transparency of decisions

The plan is formed in a complete awareness of the situation and with the view on the business objectives and the availability of different resources at the given moment. The solution considers all decisions and their interrelations in a business network and provides the client with the complete picture of possibilities and full transparency. A holistic plan ensures that the overall business value is being maximized.

Reduce human dependency and make step to autonomous resource management

The solutions reduce the number of mistakes of dispatchers, managers and operators in decision making processthey also eliminate a number of wrong historical patterns or fraudIn the future, these solutions will provide fully autonomous resource management as a Google-mobile but for business.

Reach individuality for business

Our solutions use ontology as a specific tool for creating multi-agent “digital twin” of your enterprise and customize agent’s logic for specific needs and requirements of your enterprise.

Lower CO2 footprint

Today’s enterprise resource management is a complex multi-criteria problem. A sustainable plan requires fulfilments of several different KPI’s. With an agent focusing to monitor and minimize the CO2 footprint in operating plans, the solution helps to achieve a substantially lower CO2 footprint in any end-to-end value chain. This enables our corporate clients to achieve their both economic and ecological targets.

Technology & Solutions

Smart Field Services

Smart Solutions

Intelligence of our Smart Solutions is defined as the capability of a system to achieve its goals under the conditions of uncertainty and limited resources.  

Intelligence of developed solutions manifests itself primarily in:

  • Adaptability to changes
  • Anticipating events
  • Resolving conflicts of interests
  • Learning from experience and simulations

Our solution portfolio includes:

  • Smart Field Services
  • Smart Manufacturing
  • Smart Project Management
  • Smart Fleet Management
  • Smart Supply Network

By demand we can provide the following functionalities of the designed new solutions:

  • Forecasting demand
  • Designing the service by built in simulator
  • Planning the service
  • Real-time scheduling of resources
  • Dynamic pricing
  • Booking resources
  • Per order accounting
  • Managing customer and employee relations

The solutions can be integrated with the existing ERP solutions as an intelligent and human-independent decision-making service and supported by the Web and Mobile UI’s.

Existing solutions are offered per a software-as-a-service model with monthly subscription. New developments need a collection of requirements and a built ontology of the enterprise as well as limited software engineering with agreed cost.

Emergent Intelligence

AI Technology & Platform

Multi-Agent Technology Ltd offers the digital platform and the real-time optimization solution suite with the following main capabilities: 

  • Adaptive Planning & Scheduling 
  • Proactive Optimisation 
  • Built in Simulator 
  • Web and Mobile UI’s 

Usually, the ERP systems are developed as one large and rigid, centralised, hierarchical, monolithic, and single-thread (single-processor) software system.  

We design our multi-agent solutions as bio-inspired self-organised systems with distributed and coordinated decision making. 

Our systems are based on networks of many small software objects (so called “agents”) that compete and co-operate on a virtual market.  

The list of main classes of agents includes agents of orders, products, processes, tasks and resources but millions of instances of which they are able to work as one team and achieve their goals by discovering and solving conflicts in the auction-like negotiations.  

This processed self-organisation of the agents runs asynchronously and in parallel, fully utilising parallel multi-threading (multi-processor) computations, until agents reached a consensus (a dynamical equilibrium) that reflects the balance of interests of all parties involved. 

 It works like a colony of ants or a swarm of bees in the nature, demonstrating the emergent intelligence emerging from a community of agents by chains of hundreds of thousands of coordinated decisions. 

This process enables a rapid rescheduling of any affected part of the schedule when a disruptive event affects the operation. The distributed decision making process does not require any extensive computational power and it is very reliable. 

Our technology platform enables a fast prototype and solution development for new business-domain areas. 

Smart Supply Networks

Core Competencies

Our international team has cooperated in many research and development projects for several years. The team includes project managers and software engineers with more than 10 years of experience in Java, .Net, Python and C++,  artificial intelligence researchers educated in multi-agent systems and ontologies, consultants on business processes and enterprise resource management.  

Our top level competence in artificial intelligence is based on the world leading research and development work during last 20 years for transport and manufacturing, mobile teams, supply chains, aerospace, railways, drones and satellites.   

We are ready to help your entity or organization to recognize areas where artificial intelligence can be applied and to create feasible roadmap to achieve targets and meet the challenges in the future.

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