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Welcome to Multi-Agent Technology

Multi-Agent Technology Ltd (or MAT for short) was founded to bring together the strengths of a group of advanced software technology organisations with world ranking academia to produce and deliver game changing business solutions.

Our mission is to help businesses, administrations and social communities to become adaptive to changes in their environments; becoming resilient to competition and present-day hazards such as cyber-fraud and electronic attacks.

We achieve our mission by supplying to our clients Smart Products and  Consulting and Hosting Services based on multi-agent technology, including:

  • Real-Time Schedulers;

  • Adaptive Resource Planning Systems;

  • Dynamic Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery Systems and

  • Semantic Search Engines.

Complexity Management

We live and work in a complex world and complexity of our environment is perpetually increasing. 

Current mathematical methods and conventional software are inadequate for modelling complex situations that are characterised by a high diversity of constituent components, very high frequency of unpredictable, disruptive events and occasional occurrence of unpredictable extreme events.

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